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I heard within this lunar dream...

A voice that sounded like a dove's cry.

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22 June 1988
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Sorakh28's profile

Name: Melanie
Aliases: Sorakh28, Sorakh, Sora, Sor, Fangirl, BewareTheFangirl, EliwoodGabriel, PossessedIke, Kellyn-mun, and plenty of others. It's why I'm known as the Fangirl of Many Internet Names.
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Hobbies: Listening to music, playing Sims 2, checking out fanarts, going to choir, etc...

Sora is a kindhearted, sweet, adorable and quirky young woman. You rarely get to see her upset online, making her an optimistic lass with a warm heart. She's passionate about her fandoms, but she also has a sense of live and let live. Considering her mind state about fandom as a whole, it's not a surprised.

Sora, however, due to her live and let live motto, has a little more than a problem with character bashing, but now she's slowly mellowing down and learned to laugh that people are so worked up over a fictional character- something that proves that Sora, even thought she's a fandom geek, knows when fiction stops and reality begins, and often gets sad when people can't recognize the difference between the two.

Sora also is a huge cat person, and if you post a picture of a cat chances are she's gonna squee. She doesn't mind other animals, thought.

View on fandom

Watch out, yaoi fans who hates yuri, chances are, that story of Sora's you're gonna click ain't gonna be the thing you're looking for. Due to her philosophy on fandom, she loves the play on the idea of making the most popular yaoi pairing into yuri and making it work. Sora likes yaoi, yuri and het equally, and the more pairings possible in a fandom, the more happier she is.

She also loves to drabble into what she calls Soranon. Canon + Non-conflicting fanon =Soranon, for the curious. Looking for a novelization of your favorite series but looking for a fresh look? Look no further, Sora's got the story for you.

She's an anime/manga/game geek, like most fangirls, liking popular as well as obscure stuff. In fact, chances are you might not know her top favorite anime/manga/game.

Other interesting info
~Sora has been a Nintendo fangirl ever since she can remember. She doesn't care about console wars much, but she'll stick to Nintendo until it dies.
~Her favorite word is "defenestrate"
~She loves all colors, but her topmost favorite is pink. ANY shade and tone of pink.
~Asking for her favorite characters and pairings can be somewhat of a task, considering her entire fandom philosophy.
~No longer has any animals.
~Is Acadian, and went to French school.
~Doesn't have a favorite type of music. But loves Daft Punk a whole lot.
~Favorite meal ever: Poutine.
~Theme song should be Pollyanna from Mother 1/Earthbound Zero.
acadia, acadie, acting, aerialshipping, anime, being a nintendo fangirl, being a spazz, being on mental crack, cafemochashipping, caliwealth, canada, canon shipping, card captor sakura, cast of mother series, cats, celtic, chocolate, clamp, clive dove, computers, cosplay, crack shipping, crossovers, crossplay, cutlasses, daidoji mayura, dances, dead can dance, dent, doppelgangers, doujinshi, earthbound, eliwood, eriwod, evangelion, fanart, fanfics, fanfiction, fangirling, fantasy, fellowship of the ring, ffx-2 wardrobes, fire emblem, fire emblem 7, fire emblem 9, folklore, food, frodo, gamecube, games, hector, hershel layton, ike, ike/pit, illusion of gaia, illusion of time, japan, kellyn, kent, kid!sora, kingdom hearts, languages, leaf, legend of zelda, loki, lord of the rings, lucas, luke skywalker, luke triton, magic, majora's mask, making ocs, manga, marth, marth lowell, matantei loki ragnarok, metroid, mother 1, mother 2, mother 3, mother said not to, mother series, mpf's pokey voice, music, mysterious cities of gold, myths, ness, ninten, nintendo, nintendo wii, ocarina of time, peregrin took, pikmin link, pippin, pirates, pit, pokemon, pokemon best wishes, pokemon ranger, pokey minch, professor layton, rapiers, reading, return of the king, roleplaying, roy, rpgs, rping, sain, science fiction, shinji ikari, shoujo ai, shounen ai, sims 2 movies, skies of arcadia, skies of arcadia legends, sora, soranon, soul blazer trilogy, star wars, starmen.net, super smash bros. brawl, super smash bros. melee, susumu tsukumo, swords, throwing shoes at pokey, tolkien, tsuu-chan, two towers, vanitas, ventus, video games, vize, voice acting, voicing, vyse, wandaba style, warcomms, wind waker, writing, yangire!lucas, yaoi, yondaime, yuri, zelda

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